Bucket Heads

Drawing on engagement with over 2,200 senior executives and their direct reports, in over 20 industries and 13 countries during the past 30 years has provided many unique perspectives.

So, I wrote a book to help others get to the future on time. To be ready for tomorrow. To connect with game changing opportunities.

The insights and experiences in the book could have considerable relevance on your organization.

My motivation is to challenge others to think differently, act differently, do things differently, have more fun, and have more impact.

J. Allen, Masters Alliance

Bucket Heads Book
Transform Something… Opportunity is Everywhere!

The challenge for successful leaders to achieve even greater success is to capitalize on opportunities. They’re not always easy to see, even if they’re right there in front of us. It’s time to take the bucket off our heads and see the opportunities!

Masters Alliance

“Bucket Heads” helps business leaders see how to:

  • Step out of your comfort zone–look at customers and markets differently
  • Find your business edge–stretch in an unexpected, extreme way
  • Embolden your team–champion innovation at every organizational level
  • Understand why ”safe” isn’t safe–today may already be obsolete
  • Get something cookin’–ignite the fun of achievement again
  • Apply inspirational, relatable client examples–make a difference
  • Get to the future on time–pinpoint what to do differently tomorrow

For the whole story, visit Bucketheadsbook.com.

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Bucket Heads
“Bucket Heads” Audiobook Now Available 
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The “Bucket Heads: audiobook is available at Audible. It is currently compatible with:

  • Alexa Devices
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  • MP3 players and other devices compatible with Audible’s file format

We Can Help

As a Business Consulting Firm, we help leaders find their noticing path. We help them discover their long-lost curiosity about the things hidden “under rocks” in their organization. We help them see, hear and listen to team members differently. We supplement their noticing with our Quick Discovery process to reinforce a candid flow of information and insight. We help them build the business case for an opportunity that wasn’t their idea. We help them learn to love and appreciate this new, or renewed, skill!

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