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J. Allen, founder of Masters Alliance, helps successful business leaders – who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and look at customers and markets differently – achieve more business success than they ever thought possible. J. will help you find a reason to rejuvenate and time to prepare for capitalizing on new ideas that can be quickly implemented.

We can help

Using a proprietary collection of tools and resources, J. will work with you and your organization to quickly develop and implement meaningful business strategies. Strategies based on what’s happening right now inside and outside your company, and how to capitalize on it.

  • Excite and motivate employees
  • Engage customers more closely with your brand
  • Increase revenue immediately

Be better at what you do and how you do it

Take a look at some of J.’s articles that highlight his work and his client’s successes. Print out posters, pin them up by the water cooler, and see what happens. Energizing your corporation toward winning is something you’ll need to lead. We can help you do that.

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A sample of our articles

Masters Alliance Are You a Bucket Head

Are You a Bucket-Head?

Or Are You In-Touch?

The High Cost of Being Over-Confident and Out-of-Touch

Do you really grasp the importance of being in touch, understand the severity of being out of touch?

Enjoy the freedom of removing the bucket from your head – open up, be surprised by new perspectives, information and opportunities. Experience the release of energy and fading tension. Live more, have more fun, accomplish more… fly a little.

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What our customers are saying about us

“You quickly ascertained underlying structural problems, hammered away at a mostly recalcitrant manager group to open their eyes to the need for change.”

President, Manhattan Life Insurance

“Masters Alliance came to know more about our organization than many of us cared to admit. You pushed us to look squarely at a number of our problems and challenges.”

CEO, Kellogg’s

“You were instrumental in helping meld together our executive team, at its most critical period, and instilling a culture of team effort which resulted in a dramatic increase in profitability and a very successful acquisition.”

CEO, Younker’s

“Masters Alliance helped us reduce our sales cycle, simplify procedures, and improve technical support response time by 98% during a time of dramatic growth.”

CEO, Microsoft Central Europe