Working with our young leaders is a passion.

Today’s young leaders are faced with the challenge of living in a world-wide pandemic while dealing with the emotional trauma caused by the unjust death of George Floyd.

Masters Alliance Young Leaders

We can help!

The Young Leaders breakfast was inspired by J Allen, CEO and Founder of Masters Alliance. Since 2016, more than 300 Young Leaders have participated in the programming specifically designed to inspire goodness in their leadership.

In August of 2017 along with Paul Batz and Good Leadership Enterprises, we experimented with the concept by hosting one table of young leaders at a Good Leadership Breakfast. We wanted to see if these young leaders understood, appreciated, and learned anything from the goodness pays message. Their enthusiastic endorsement directly led to this year’s smashing success. We enjoyed record-setting attendance and a new burst of energy that only youth can provide.

Our Masters Alliance Young Leaders Movement has grown exponentially over three years. Now, with TCF Bank joining our sponsorship, we anticipate even greater impact.

But with the pandemic, we’ve had to make some changes. Breakfasts won’t work.

On August 20, 2020 we transitioned to our first Young Leaders “Mother-of-all-Video Workshops.” See the video below.

We look forward to many more Young Leaders events.

J Allen Bucket Heads

“What I want to tell the young leaders is this: It’s best to just take your life one thing at a time.

You don’t need to make the right 1000 decisions about your future.

You just need to make a good decision about the next one. One decision at a time, it’s easier without getting too wrapped up in the long term.”

J. Allen, Masters Alliance

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