Masters Alliance Customer Testimonials

“You quickly ascertained underlying structural problems, hammered away at a mostly recalcitrant manager group to open their eyes to the need for change.”

“Masters Alliance came to know more about our organization than many of us cared to admit. You pushed us to look squarely at a number of our problems and challenges.”

“Thanks for engaging with our labor force with such positive outcome.”

“Masters Alliance jump-started our company wide continuous improvement and quality efforts. We achieved remarkable business results and were chosen as #1 supplier by our largest customer.”

“Understanding and characterizing our broad and diverse customer base was essential to community relations as well as our service delivery approaches. We needed to be an inner city model, demonstrating effective competencies and compassion.”

“Your approach brought us a new level of innovation and personal satisfaction within the ranks and caused our management team to set industry leading goals in an awakened, highly visible city department.”

“Hall of fame sales associates engaged the entire organization in the 30-30 Star program for increasing customer responsiveness and connection in all departments –to surprise customers and increase sales.”

“Masters Alliance helped us achieve comparable store sales increase of 9.7% in a down market.”

“You were extremely helpful in getting our strategic efforts back on track. Ensured that our Management Council understood the key issues and agreed on a course of action.”

“Impressed how critical this is to our future. We have to see around the corners.”

“You were instrumental in helping meld together our executive team, at its most critical period, and instilling a culture of team effort which resulted in a dramatic increase in profitability and a very successful acquisition.”

“The most significant change we’ve experienced is a growing climate for innovation and a readiness to readjust in response to changes.”

“Taking out $900,000 [30%] of cost per unit has allowed us to better compete internationally.”

“Masters Alliance helped us reduce our sales cycle, simplify procedures, and improve technical support response time by 98% during a time of dramatic growth.”

“I know you told us FS~FF would change how we do business going forward, but I had no idea it would actually change the culture of our multi-location organization.”

“We were able to bring a new product to market within a 90-day period yielding over $20 million of annual net income.”

“You were at our side helping to drive the merger process, all at a pace we thought unattainable until you showed us how to do it in weeks rather than months.”

“Masters Alliance helped us exceed aggressive sales goals and achieve comparable store sales increase of 9.7%, in a down retail market, and achieved a 1100% pretax profit improvement.” 

“Reduced support call response time 98%, reduced major product sales cycle 60%…helped us coordinate significant, quick customer linkages and company improvements across seven countries.”

Provided a new customer view, linking internal customer responsiveness to external customer relationship performance.”