Masters Alliance Case Studies

A Strategic Distinctive Advantage for Carpenter Technology

Approach: Focus on customer interactions that represent the most significant opportunities to improve and/or enhance external customer business relationships, identifying customer expectations for each area and determining what they consider ‘world class” performance.

“In just three months they helped us drive average customer response time from six hours to less than ten minutes.”

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Masters Alliance Rapid Performance Improvement for Microsoft Central Europe

Rapid Performance Improvement for Microsoft Central Europe

Approach: Senior Management agreed to combine the annual celebration of results with an opportunity for the entire organization, from seven countries, to participate in five critical operations projects. Upon completion Senior Management, clearly seeing what the organization could accomplish, forged a new aggressive common vision.

“J. Allen and his associates helped us coordinate significant, quick customer linkages and company improvements across seven countries – resulting in improved revenue and market share.”

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Masters Alliance Allied Signal

AlliedSignal Achieves 99.89% On-Time Delivery in 6 Months

Approach: A multi-step process was designed to break through this seemingly “impenetrable barrier” in a relative short time frame. Some of the process steps were in parallel and some were in sequence and all included the principle of increasing and broadened participation among the 7,500 person work force.

“The previous best achievement with these extremely complex products over 20 years was 92%. We achieved a sustainable 99+% while simultaneously reducing quality exceptions, rework and scrap.”

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Masters Alliance ADC Telecom Reaches Aggressive Revenue Target

ADC Telecom Reaches Aggressive Revenue Target

Approach: Identified several key initiatives which would help enhance revenue growth, performance improvement and more effective use of development resources. Used Fast Teams to focus on high leverage opportunities.

“You provided real value, rolled up your sleeves, worked hard, kept us honest, and dealt with very difficult situations with high integrity.”

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2 New Health Systems in 6 Months for Prime Therapeutics

Approach: Established a high level cross-functional core team of second level managers, with Senior Management as the Executive Review Board, to develop a comprehensive Business Plan, successfully integrating two health systems. CEO was the Sponsor.

“Masters Alliance was at our side helping to drive the merger process. They showed us how to do it in weeks rather than months.”

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Masters Alliance GMAC Reduces Planning Cycle Time by 60%, Dramatically Increases Net Income

GMAC Reduces Planning Cycle Time by 60%, Increases Net Income

Approach: Focus on development of comprehensive vision statement in a changing marketplace. Gain broad organizational commitment and support. Suggest unique, deep customer segmentation. Deliver comprehensive strategic assessment.

“We needed a clear vision and a way to achieve it. We are thrilled with the outcome.”

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Masters Alliance Kellogg’s Recaptures 66% of Lost Market Share in Under 2 Years

Kellogg’s Recaptures 66% of Lost Market Share in Under 2 Years

Approach: Collaboratively design, develop and deliver the Vision/Strategy Process. Off-Site retreat for Senior Management Team to agree on values, vision, and aggressive implementation.

“Masters Alliance came to know more about our organization than many of us cared to admit. You pushed us to look squarely at a number of our problems and challenges. We recaptured 2/3 of the lost market share, in a very competitive environment, in less than two years.”

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Masters Alliance Accelerated Revenue Growth at Younkers Department Stores

Accelerated Revenue Growth at Younker’s Department Stores

Approach: A broadly based Customer Success Process was initiated and a new Customer Model was installed with a council of “Hall of Fame” sales associates. One critical effort was labeled 30-30 Star: “Greet any customer coming within 30 feet of your location within 30 seconds.”

“We engaged the entire organization for increasing customer responsiveness and connection in all departments – to surprise customers and increase sales. With new customer strategies in place we achieved comparable store sales increase of 9.7% in a down market.”

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Masters Alliance Decathlon Case Study

Decathlon USA Beats #1 Competitor in 1 Year

Approach: Five Fast (90 day) Teams were organized to address customer, leadership, sales, distribution and operating policy needs/opportunities/issues. The teams began aggressive, intense action – even transforming some stores over a weekend.

“We never would have been able to accomplish these results without the projects, methodologies, and coaching of the Masters Alliance. All the things we put together worked.”

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