Masters Alliance ADC Telecom Reaches Aggressive Revenue Target

ADC Telecom Reaches Aggressive Revenue Target

Organization Description

  • Primary focus – Broadband Telecommunications in a global marketplace; three operating groups each with particular products, customer sets and geographies; some common customers.
  • Specific client was Broadband Access and Transport Group, $1B in annual revenues, 4000 employees, international locations.
  • Nine-person senior management group and fourteen next level managers.


  • Fast growing, aggressive marketplace. Accelerating technology migration a continuous issue and opportunity.
  • Client Operating Group was a collection of several acquisitions, no common culture or focus – The Seven Tribes.
  • Lack of common focus, collaboration and processes resulted in reduced gross margins and missed revenue opportunities.
  • Corporate pressure on both improved profits and continued, aggressive growth – reinforced by corporate effort to achieve first $1B quarter.


  • Identified several key initiatives which would help enhance revenue growth, performance improvement and more effective use of development resources.
  • Used Fast Teams to focus on high leverage opportunities.
  • Teams received comprehensive assistance in developing objectives, establishing time lines, identifying resource requirements and assigning specific tasks to each team member.
  • Coaching provided to each Team in order to ensure that projects were completed on time, within budget and achieve objectives.


  • Consistent approach to Project Process helped identify resource gaps and provided opportunity to responsively deal with roadblocks.
  • “Have been waiting for an effective Project Team Process for several months since I began working here. This one is just what we need — it is superior.”
  • “Great job in helping us get Q4 results – a huge success, beat the numbers.”

Business Results

  • Reached aggressive Revenue target enabled company to achieve record results.
  • Identified R & D projects which were not achieving objectives and developed plan for redeploying resources.
  • Streamlined Procurement process, in a material shortage situation, ensured that Operating Group provided maximum leverage with vendors – with a win-win outcome. Shortened delivery time, reduced costs and contributed to improved margins.

Customer Quotes

“You provided real value, rolled up your sleeves, worked hard, kept us honest, dealt with very difficult situations, with high integrity. It is a pleasure to work with you all.” 

“Thank you for the great job you did in helping us get Q4 results – a huge success, beat the numbers.”

“Thank God you were able to help us with the effort. You helped make it happen – it is greatly improved over what we would have done.”

“Great job on the Portfolio Reviews – great work as always.”

“Thank you guys – couldn’t have coordinated this Restructuring without you.”

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