Masters Alliance Kellogg’s Recaptures 66% of Lost Market Share in Under 2 Years

Kellogg’s Recaptures 66% of Lost Market Share in Under 2 Years

Organization Description

  • International manufacturer, marketer and distributor of cereal, yogurt and confectionery products.
  • Twenty-two person Senior Management Team, forty-six next-level Key Managers.
  • Historical national leader in cereal brands, sales, profits — with eroding market share.
  • Culture of quality, innovation, people development, profitability and growth.


  • Eroding market share and increasing competition had caused some deterioration of a common agreement on business recovery priorities.
  • CEO observed a disconnect between several senior and next-level management functions regarding business priorities.
  • Organization was self-assured and confident that the market share trend would be reversed “because we are the best.”
  • Front-line people were unaware of the implications of continued market fragmentation.


  • Discovery – accurately determine the current management and leadership situation [one-on-one interviews/discussions with entire Senior Management and Next-Level Management groups].
  • Briefed CEO, COO, Business Development Officer and Vice President, Human Resources on findings and preliminary Vision/Strategy Process.
  • Collaboratively design, develop and deliver the Vision/Strategy Process.
  • Off-Site retreat for twenty-two person Senior Management Team to agree on Values, Vision, Implementation.


  • A common Vision that captured the imagination of the organization was developed and agreed-to:
  • “Kellogg’s will recapture its’ rightful market share” [That which was owned and taken from us]
  • The organization became very innovative and aggressive in pursuing what had been taken from it. All functions were affected — manufacturing, sales, marketing, technical, product development, distribution, business development, human resources.

Business Results

  • Innovative, risky distribution efforts secured much more business faster than expected.
  • Kellogg’s recaptured 2/3 of the lost market share, in a very competitive environment, in less than two years.
  • Kellogg’s was on the Business Week list of top five firms with the highest ROE, three years running.

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